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Ljubljana can be translated as ‘beloved’ or ‘loved one’. If I was to use three words to sum up the capital of Slovenia, I’d say it’s pretty, compact and charming. I think that complements the translation pretty well. Here’s what happened on my latest city break:

Lake Bled

On our first day, we took a trip to Lake Bled. I’d seen stunning pictures on Instagram and friends had been and raved about this place. I couldn’t wait to see it for myself. We took the bus from Ljubljana bus station, which took about 80 minutes and cost 12 euros return. Upon arrival, I wasn’t disappointed. Although there was low cloud and initially, it was pretty grey, it was truly magical. Reflections shone off the lake lighting up the buildings that edged it on one side and the autumnal colours of the malting trees looming overhead were beautiful. We walked…

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The Light in the Road

It all started two months ago. My family in law were coming to Vienna to visit us for the first time since we moved. The trip would be in May and although the time schedule was a bit tight, we wanted to make a short trip around Austria so that they could get a “taste” of the country. And here began all the planning and research. We had already been and fell in love with Hallstatt so that was a must. But what if we added some leisure days in another less touristic town? Tirol came to our minds. We had never been there and it seemed like a nice place to relax and enjoy nature. And we couldn’t have been more right!

DAY 1. Our trip started in Vienna and we travelled by car. We took the route to Salzburg through the north and our first stop was…

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7 Reasons I Am Leaving Hungary

Meanwhile in Budapest

In 1956, my father left Hungary after the Soviets had cracked down on the revolution. He wasn’t involved in the fighting; he chose to leave for a prospect of a better life under a non-Communist regime.

In 1976 my mother chose to leave Hungary after having met my father. They met during one of his visits to Hungary, and when they decided to live together, they chose to live in Norway. 

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Pure Living Bakery

The pure living bakery is a very nice place for drinking good coffees, eating delicious crumbles and bagels and just spending some quality time with friends. I’m really into sweet things and here you will find nice cakes and cookies.

As soon as you enter the place, it feels friendly and relaxed. The interior is an awesome, mixed, vintage place. I tried several sweet delights, from cakes and cupcakes to pies and milkshakes. All were excellent and the coffee is pretty good as well. They draw different shapes on the coffee foam, which is cute.

Pure Living Bakery is perfect to delve into a good book, take time out, contemplate the meaning of life, or just catch up with an old friend and simply enjoy a delicious treat.

The young guys and girls at the counter are super friendly. I have highly recommended this place to everybody and have…

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Ein bisserl k.u.k. und ein bisserl dolce vita: ein Kurztrip nach Slowenien


So viel Grün in dieser Stadt. Es ist unglaublich. Wohin man schaut sieht man Bäume und Wiesen, manchmal große Wiesen, in der Innenstadt einzelne Bäume, an deren Rande große Parks und manchmal nur Rasenstreifen am Ufer des Flusses Ljubljanica, der mitten durch die Altstadt Ljubljanas fließt. Besonders auffällig ist es, wenn man von der Burg auf die Stadt herabblickt: Die Parks und Grünanlagen scheinen direkt in die die Stadt umgebenden Wälder überzugehen.

Ansonsten ist die Stadt überraschenderweise von oben nicht besonders schön anzuschauen. Zu sehr dominieren Hochhäuser die Ansicht. Doch von unten ist die Hauptstadt Sloweniens dafür umso schöner: ein bisserl k.u.k., aber doch auch ein bisserl dolce vita, besonders an warmen strahlendschönen Frühlingstagen.

Ljubljana Ausblick

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