Hops Extract Improves Anxiety, Depression, and Stress Symptoms in Healthy Young Adults

The female inflorescence of hops (Humulus lupulus, Cannabaceae) is used traditionally to treat insomnia, excitability, and restlessness. The German Commission E approved the use of hops for sleep disturbances and mood disorders such as anxiety and restlessness; however, according to the authors, there is a lack of high-quality, placebo-controlled studies evaluating the efficacy of hops […]

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Use of Stinging Nettle Extract Helps Improve Fasting Glucose …

Diabetes mellitus remains one of the most common diseases. One of its signs, hyperglycemia, is a major predisposing factor for oxidative stress, as it disrupts the natural equilibrium that protects the body from tissue-damaging effects of free radicals. In patients with diabetes mellitus, oxidative stress can lead to microvascular and macrovascular complications precipitated by the […]

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Avoiding Colds with Ayurveda

Our bodies are more susceptible to health problems when the seasons are changing because our body functions differently in each season. When it is hot outside, our agni (or digestive fire) automatically decreases. Thus during the summer months our digestive capacity is diminished. Once the outside temperatures begin to fall, our internal fires naturally start […]

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Reisen mit empfindlichem Magen-Darm-Trakt

[Dieser Beitrag enthält Werbung] Jeder, der mit mir schon einmal gereist ist, weiß, dass ich inzwischen (leider) eine gewisse Expertise erworben habe beim Thema „Reisen mit empfindlichem Magen-Darm-Trakt“. Inzwischen bin ich ganz gut darin, Magen-Darmprobleme soweit wie möglich von vorneherein zu vermeiden, aber spätestens seit meinem Souvenir aus Kuba auch darin, mit akuten Problemen […]

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