9 Health Benefits Of Laughter Yoga

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Why I Left Yoga

Why I Left Yoga

It is really annoying to watch some white people try to act ethnically brown, when they are not…and will never be.

Intention is everything here. I can understand there is a difference between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation but when the Pussy Cat Dolls show up in saris at some premiere, you have to ask yourself: what is the intention?

Pale women with Shiva tramp-stamps do not look good in saris, doing Bollywood dance moves or wearing bhindis—especially if they have freckles (like, really.)

For Indian women, this is part of their cultural heritage and identity, not some gimmicky hip trend to try out and pose around in until the next trend shows up.

Ten Reasons Why Yoga Makes You a Sexy Beast!

Ten Reasons Why Yoga Makes You a Sexy Beast!

1. Yoga creates self-confidence. When you take care of yourself and cultivate a regular asana practice you feel better about you. Your shoulders are back and your spine is straight, head is held high. When you’re confident, people want to be around you. It makes everyone notice you. Self-confidence is totally sexy.

2. Better awareness. You’re breathing in life and you’re having a full experience. You notice and appreciate things more. Sure, saying all the right things might get you laid, but your awareness of something bigger than yourself makes you more engaging, compassionate and definitely more sexy.

Dianne Bondy

This article was written by Dianne Bondy who also wrote this inspiring article: Yoga: Not Just for Young, Skinny White Girls.

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