First Impressions of Varanasi : Part 2


Firstly, a heart felt thanks for reading and appreciating First Impressions of Varanasi : Part 1. This post is the sequel to it, highlighting some other aspects of this mystic city.

While the Ghats, Gallis and the Ganga Arti form the essence of Banaras, but there is much more to this ancient city.

The quintessential boat ride is an opportunity to see one of the best sunrises in your life and capture stunning frames of the river and Ghats.

Boatman and the Ganga

Banaras is synonymous to temples. The city is a temple town, with Kashi Vishwanath temple, dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, being the most important of them all. There are various other temples scattered around the city, each with its unique story and architectural charm.

Beyond these temples of worship, are temples of work. These are tiny hand looms, nestled in the narrow by lanes of Varanasi, where Muslim weavers, craft magic…

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Love/Hate in India: I’m Irish, Get Me Out of Here!!  

Savage In a Sari

3 days and my Indian adventure will be past tense… Feels weird to say that! There were many times when I asked myself ‘Will you really go to India?’ Well… Something in me always knew I would get here, but I would be lying if I said this time last year I hadn’t got doubts as to whether or not I’d really do it. I had been considering it for quite sometime at that stage, and it was around then that I bought the flights, if my memory serves me right.

It took alot of work to get this far, but I’m here 😀 The past few days have been India at her finest… Ahem, in her own lovely-horrible kind of way. I have just about experienced the whole spectrum of emotions… The five stages of grief come to mind. I thought to myself tonight ‘I’ve never experienced so many…

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Savage in a Sari: Taj

Savage In a Sari

Hello there, and here we are once again. So I’m in Agra now after a 17 hour overnight train from Varanasi. It was only meant to take twelve but was delayed for 5 hours during the night. Nobody really knew what the delay was for but we were stopped at the same station for quite some time and when we eventually took off again the already full train was filled beyond capacity with lots of families, crying children included, of course.

I didn’t even realise what was happening cos I was half asleep but I woke up to a lot more people on the train than were there before. Thankfully I was on the upper berth so I didn’t have to share my sleeping space with anyone but I felt sorry for the ones on the bottom who weren’t given a choice but to share with the mass of passengers…

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Live Like A Local


As much as I have loved the lessons and insights gleamed during my travels, not every day necessitates a spiritual teaching. Sometimes you just have to get shit done. Take today for example.

I don’t consider myself to be a vain person. While my daily personal hygiene skills are on the up and up and I am dedicated to daily cleansing practices guided by Ayurveda, my hair rarely sees a hair dryer and, often days, a brush. Nor have I put on much more than a few strokes of mascara and some lip balm on in the past five weeks. I enjoy a nice manicure, however, I often resist the bi-monthly pleasure as quite frankly, it takes too damn long. The process itself doesn’t put me out much, but the time I’m left incapacitated to ensure the polish remains smooth and glossy borders on unbearable. Nine times out of ten…

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‘Festive detox’

Âme soeur

Happy Easter! I am guessing you all are having a good time after Holi celebration and the lucky few are enjoying the long weekend while I have been dreaming about one. After you start working you automatically become loyal to your job and enjoy every single off, which now seems like a birth right! I guess I will be keeping my dreams of camping over the weekend to myself as of now, but I would love to know what you guys have been doing. 

This week kickstarted with a lot of pomp and joy, I thoroughly enjoyed the pre and post festivities, not to mention the delicious food on holi! And with all this, my system went on a serious shutdown,after it couldn’t handle anymore of the overexcited taste buds. It gave up and I fell sick, restricting me to my bed. I decided that I wasn’t going to take…

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India: Trespassing at the Beatles ashram

Foreign Encounters


It’s a hot (are there any other?) day in Rishikesh, the ‘yoga capital of the world’, where I’m attending a yoga retreat. It’s been a few days already and I’ve settled into a little routine. The 5 am meditation sessions combined with blistering heat mean that the time between lunch and the afternoon yoga practice are devoted to napping. But when my roommate Renee asks ‘Do you want to go see the Beatles ashram this afternoon?’, I jump out of bed, even though I don’t have a clue what the Beatles ashram may be.

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