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Darshan is a Hindi word that means “to see,” or “to behold.”   Traditionally, Hindu’s don’t pray or worship when they visit a temple. They are simply meant to go and receive darshan from the god.  Which means to look upon the image of the deity.  They just want to behold the awesomeness and the power and the wisdom of God.

It’s a term that’s also used with guru’s.  When you receive a guru’s darshan, which can come through eye contact, a hug, a simple touch, a conversation, or just being in the room with them, it’s said that the guru transmits his or her wisdom and experience to you.  You experience awakening.  Clarity. Understanding. If you’re lucky, this understanding is permanent.

I believe I’ve received darshan, in some small ways, from a few sources.

When I was at the Sun Dance in South Dakota a few months after Brian died…

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Herb & Dorothy

From Mental_Floss:

“Herb Vogel never earned more than $23,000 a year. Born and raised in Harlem, Vogel worked for the post office in Manhattan. He spent nearly 50 years living in a 450-square-foot one-bedroom apartment with his wife, Dorothy, a reference librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library. They lived frugally. They didn’t travel. They ate TV dinners. Aside from a menagerie of pets, Herb and Dorothy had just one indulgence: art. But their passion for collecting turned them into unlikely celebrities, working-class heroes in a world of Manhattan elites.”

“Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty.”

“Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty.”

10 Things Diane Keaton’s New Book Teaches Us About Aging Gracefully

4. Your brand of imperfection can be your most powerful asset. “I’m talking about finding whatever works for you to get out the door every day, I’m talking about the flaws that eventually take on a life of their own. The ineptness that makes you who you are. I’m talking about women who make us see beauty where we never saw it; women who turn wrong into right.”