Stop forcing people to wear bike helmets

Stop forcing people to wear bike helmets

… in the world’s most popular biking cities, particularly in Europe, very few bikers wear helmets. And there are good reasons for that: biking, it turns out, isn’t an especially dangerous form of transportation in terms of head trauma. And the benefits of helmets may be overstated. While they do protect your head during accidents, there’s some evidence that helmets make it more likely you’ll get in an accident in the first place.

Most importantly, requiring helmets deters many normal people from biking in the first place — in Australia, bike commuting rates plummeted when mandatory helmet laws went into effect. And, when there are fewer bikes on the road overall, biking becomes more dangerous.

I always wear a bike helmet – I need my brain and a tiny slip in attention on my part could lead to really dire consequences! But this article presents some very compelling arguments against forcing people to wear helmets. What we really need are more bikes on the road and intelligently-designed bike paths. And if we don’t know how to do this, I recommend a visit to Amsterdam – or check out BicycleDutch, a YouTube channel dedicated to cycling in the Netherlands.