3 Fundamentals For Good Health


Sadhguru: When it comes to food, one of the most important aspects that you must be conscious of is how quickly a certain type of food digests and becomes a part of yourself. If you eat something and it does not digest within three hours, it means you have eaten food that should either be avoided or reduced in quantity. If the food moves out of your stomach within three hours, it means that even if it is not the best food, it is still something your system is able to handle.

3 Fundamentals For Good Health


Bliss Bomb: Ancient fasting for physical and emotional health

Hello Bliss

Over 2000 years ago, Hippocrates the father of modern medicine stated that “all disease begins in the gut.” Yes that’s right the gut, not in the bowel where your bowel cancer is, not on your face where you eczema is, not in your lungs, prostate or brain… but in the gut.

People around the globe are finally taking notice of Hippocrates and his wisdom, plus the wise teachings from ancient traditions such as Ayurveda. They are learning to heal and prevent disease rather than ingesting synthetic drugs which relieve ailments with a symptomatic band aid and deposit further toxins into our already overloaded systems.

Studying Ayurveda for me, has opened the door to many old techniques which when included in your daily routine can support a deep natural healing from within, both physically and emotionally.  Ayurveda is for everyone, and can be incorporated into your life offering a beautiful balance…

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‘Festive detox’

Âme soeur

Happy Easter! I am guessing you all are having a good time after Holi celebration and the lucky few are enjoying the long weekend while I have been dreaming about one. After you start working you automatically become loyal to your job and enjoy every single off, which now seems like a birth right! I guess I will be keeping my dreams of camping over the weekend to myself as of now, but I would love to know what you guys have been doing. 

This week kickstarted with a lot of pomp and joy, I thoroughly enjoyed the pre and post festivities, not to mention the delicious food on holi! And with all this, my system went on a serious shutdown,after it couldn’t handle anymore of the overexcited taste buds. It gave up and I fell sick, restricting me to my bed. I decided that I wasn’t going to take…

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Panchakarma: the Ultimate in Mind-Body Healing


Panchakarma is one of the specialties of Ayurveda. Literally translated as “five actions”, Panchakarma is series of integrated procedures that, together, dislodge impurities from the tissues and cells and flush them from the body. This sequence of massage, heat treatments and internal cleansing helps to balance the doshas and allows for a more normalized flow of nutrients, blood, hormones, etc. Developed thousands of years ago to give long life to the the rulers of India, Panchakarma is the cornerstone of rejuvenation programs at The Raj Ayurveda Health Spa.

The ultimate goal of all Ayurveda modalities is to restore balance to the level of biological intelligence in the body and to remove blockages and impurities that block free flow of communication and circulation. This allows perfect coherence of the body’s innate healing mechanisms.

Ayurveda believes that the functioning of the body breaks down as impurities and toxins (caused by diet and poor digestion, stress…

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Water Ritual: A Healing Practice

Alchemy of Yoga

Water Ritual: A Healing Practice
By: Sarah Erter


Within the Chakra System, water is associated with Svadhistana — the second chakra, housed within the pelvis. It represents our emotions, desires, raw creative energy, and sense of pleasure. Just as the ocean’s tides are pulled by the Moon, the Moon governs the water element within us. Svadhistana is experienced through the color orange, the sense of taste, and the vibrations of its seed sound, “vam.” When out of balance, second chakra blockages manifest through mental + physical stiffness (particularly within the hips + low back), guilt or shame, health issues impacting the reproductive system, or a restricted sense of being able to fully feel, express, or release emotions, or enjoy life’s pleasures.

In yoga philosophy, water rituals correspond to the practice of Saucha. As expressed by Nischala Joy Devi in Yoga Sutra 2.40, “Through simplicity and continual refinement (Saucha)…

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