‘India Is A Poor Country’ and other misconceptions the world had been sold about India

Many people are surprised or confused as to why I would leave a life in London to live in India. There are many common perceptions about India around the world, most are negative so it’s for that precise reason that I decided to moved to India to help challenge these misconceptions based on my own experience of the country.

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Magical Udaipur

Here we are in Udaipur! The last two days have been an eyeful and a complete delight. Neelesh is our guide on this trip and he is doing a great job of taking care of us, keeping us safe, happy, healthy, entertained, and informed. I have been to India a number of times and I […]

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A Palace, a Temple, A Garden, and An Island on Lake Pichola were all part of yesterday’s highlight visits in Udaipur. The air here is clean. I keep mentioning that because the air was not clean in Delhi. Never take your clean air for granted. The mornings are crisp. The daytime temperatures warm and comfortable. […]

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Visiting Kerala for PanchKarma treatment — Blissful Living

We went for a 3-week Ayurvedic Panchkarma (PK) treatment at Sri Subramanya Ayurvedic Hospital (ssanh.com) in Calicut in Kerala. At the end of the treatment, we felt lighter, healthier, and my skin felt baby-soft. My wife Neerja saw improvement in her sleep and BP. Panchkarma treatments included oil massages and detoxes, and also herbal potions […]

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What to Know when you visit Vienna

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All the things you should know before you vist Vienna

Vienna is a really boring city if you only see the surface tourist attractions. I should know, I used to think it was utterly pointless to visit back in 2012. It was pretty, sure, but boring compared to the buzz of Berlin’s nightlife,…

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Losing it Like the Europeans


Ayurveda is the folk medicine of India; a holistic approach based in traditional wisdom. The idea has captivated me for years. We are made up of three doshas; Vata, Kapha and Pitta. If they are out of alignment we are prone to dis-ease. I was looking for balance when I began searching for a reprieve from my every day. Especially since my everyday was no longer; I was facing big changes in my life. The end of an era and a realignment of sorts. I was looking for my new normal and wanted to be sure I had the right tools to find it.


A retreat was in order, but I was interested in balance rather than a total revolution. A loving and nurturing plan to a healthier life. It was between two places; Sonnhof in Hinterthiersee, Austria or Parkschloesschen in Traben-Trarbach, Germany. Both were between one to two hours…

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