My Vienna List – 50 things to do in Vienna in 52 weekends

This is #myviennalist. A challenge of 50 Vienna-related activities to complete in 52 weekends. Roughly one activity per week (allowing for Vienna’s notorious public holidays!). It’s all the things I already ‘should’ have done in this magnificent city. 50 activities or sights I’m challenging myself to see and do by September 2017. No cheats, no shortcuts – just pure Viennese fun. Most of these I’ll be blogging about, all of them you are welcome to do yourself or better yet, join me in completing!

The challenge begins this weekend, and I have absolutely no idea if I will have the time and dedication to get through it all. After all, if I really wanted to do these things so badly, I would have done them already!

But that’s the risky/fun part – I might fail horribly (like I have with learning German) or I might fly high and actually experience the best of Vienna. It’s not an Olympic feat, or a ‘brave journey’. This is just one small way to make the most of my days here, which is all any of us are trying to do, no matter what city we live in, right?

Either way, I hope you’ll join me for the wild ride, and that my crazy challenge helps you uncover more of Vienna and make the most of every damn day, wherever you live.


My Vienna List – 50 things to do in Vienna in 52 weekends