Bringing it back to Vienna


I have been back home 3 days and here is my progress report:
– I attended 1 gentle yoga class at the Sivananda center in Vienna
– I purchased a 10 class card and will be going again today at 15:30
– I meditated twice
– I subscribed to Headspace for a year (a meditation app)
– I went to bed every night before 10
– I restocked my cupboards with spices from Ayurveda Coast in the Naschmarkt
– My breakfasts were fine – either oatmeal or Frauenbrot from Ströck (whole-grain bread)
– No sugar and no milk
– I made an Excel spreadsheet to track my daily routine
– I set up my place to practice at home & did Pranayama

I did have a fine coffee this morning from Starbucks – Ristretto Bianco but no sugar. It was sublime!

More later …

I had another yoga class today at 3:30 and it was really good. I am getting free German lessons while I’m doing yoga! What a deal!

P.S. – The photo of Kaiserwasser was taken last autumn.