Lassi Love – spice up your life!


This week in our Healing Kitchen we have a delicious and nutritious Lassi on the menu.


Lassi is a drink made with yoghurt, water (traditionally at room temperature) and spices.  It originated in the Punjabi region of India but now you will find it all over India.   These days it is often served chilled, as a refreshing drink in the Summer and is also made with fruit in addition to, or in lieu of spices.

Whilst fruity, chilled lassi’s are absolutely delicious,  (you may have heard of or had a mango lassi which is very popular in India), you will never find a fruity, chilled lassi in this, or any other proper Ayurvedic Kitchen. Why?  It’s all about the Agni baby.


Our Agni, is our digestive fire.  A huge importance is placed on the health of our digestive fire in Ayurveda.  One of the key elements in treating any illness or disease…

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