Apples, Vitamin C, and my Daughter’s School Lunch


When I first learned about the difference between vitamin C in a bottle versus vitamin C in an apple I was ecstatic, I thought it couldn’t possibly get anymore interesting. And then I read about soil biology and how that affected my apple. Armed with this new information and my generally wild enthusiasm about all things health, I went right to my daughter’s school and sat down with Sister-we need to talk about the lunch program, I told her. I knew that wasn’t what Sister wanted to hear, but I also knew I could persuade her. After all, fiber! and complex molecular interaction! We need to talk about a school garden and serving apples instead of the ingredients to yoga mat plastic disguised as food. We need to talk to these kids about nutrition and diabetes and their future heart attack. We need to get rid of hotdogs… Sister sat with her hands in her lap listening to me with a kindly smile on her face. Hypertension…

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