SwaSwara review – Ayurveda retreat in India

SwaSwara owns 26 acres of land leading from the hilltop to Om beach, so named because it’s exactly the shape of that symbol, and is especially peaceful, clean and calm. A coconut grove lies behind it, and rising above that, the rest of SwaSwara spreads between food fields, lawns and trees. The grounds are verdant and immaculately maintained. There is a delicious large pool and, if you don’t fancy lounging by its waters or on the private part of the beach, you can always find a corner in the lush flower gardens.

From the domed meditation temple to the thatched meditation hall and the beach-side yoga platform, everything has been thought out with care and consideration and is perfectly suited to its task.

Check out this photo:
Aerial view of SwaSwara

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Review of SwaSara – pure Ayurveda in Karnataka