Bro, Just Chill: 3 Quick Reasons Why To Slow Down Your Yoga Practice

Pack Your Mat

I would be dishonest if I said that my initial appeal to yoga was not the fast-paced ashtanga inspired vinyasa practice. At 19, a high energy teen with a mission to lose some weight I would get annoyed when we would dedicate 5 minutes to Savasana, the final rest pose.  My earliest memory of yoga was my inability to lay still in corpse pose. I would find myself peeking with one eye open and hoping the class would just end already. I had gotten my workout and I didn’t understand why we needed to “relax”.  But, I kept going back. Throughout the last decade, my yoga practice has shifted and evolved. Savasana and meditation are now my favorite. I would leave those gym classes watching men lifting heavy weights and wish that they would join me in class one day and see how difficult it was. In fact, I would dare male friends to take a class with me every chance…

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