The Baddie Plan: Body

the BADDIE Book

Step One: Get Your Body Right

We’ve all heard that the body is a temple. Don’t roll your eyes at me, it’s true! Our body is our foundation. We live in a duality of having and being a body (shout out to my HUMS1005 course), and it’s a beautiful thing. The fact that we can live as we are, while being aware of physical selves is limiting but astounding. Before we can achieve any kind of progress on this journey to being a baddie, you must first care about yourself. Care about the body that hold you, the body that awakes with you, the one that sleeps with you. It comes and goes as you do, so fall in love with yourself.

You should be you’re biggest fan because, honey, you are fantastic. I have a wall of mirrors in my bedroom and you can often catch me staring at…

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