9 Reasons Why Cucumber Is So Good For Your Health

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Cucumber is a low-calorie and high potassium food. It is also inherently cooling and has hydrating properties that helps the body to retain water in hot and humid days. So load your fridge with cucumbers without a second thought this summer and reap the endless health benefits.


Cucumber has countless health benefits to offer, some of these include:

1 . Reduces Cholesterol

A compound called sterol in cucumber helps reduce bad cholesterol. So every bite of that cucumber slice helps your heart in innumerable ways.

2 . Regulates Blood Sugar

 Our pancreas contains beta cells which produce insulin. Cucumber aids the production of insulin by supplying hormones to beta cells, thus making cucumber beneficial for diabetics.

3 . Promotes Joint Health

Cucumber is an excellent source of silica & helps promote health of joints by strengthening the connective tissues and lubricating the joints to facilitate…

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