Triphala: The Ayurvedic Cure To Countless Health Problems

1mg Capsules


Ayurveda,the ancient system of medicine, healthcare and well being places immense importance on Triphala. Triphala is a herbal mix made of Amla, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki, 3 fruits dried and powdered in equal measure; hence the name.

Amla : one of the most important herbs in ayurveda, it is packed with Vitamin C, anti oxidants twice that of acai berries, fiber, is anti inflammatory in nature, boosts immunity, is good for hair & skin, improves blood circulation, improves eyesight and regulates blood sugar. Amla also aids in weight loss, by boosting metabolism & enabling faster digestion.

Haritaki:  This wonder herb improves digestion, reduces acidity, regulates body temperature, purifies the urinary system, improves health of the female reproductive system, strengthens the nerves and detoxifies the body.

Bibhitaki: This is a berry that acts as an efficient natural detoxifier, it expels wast from the body, cleanses the kidneys lungs and skin, is an expectorant…

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