8 Foods You Must Have To Prevent Zinc Deficiency

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Zinc is an essential element required in small quantities in the body. It is a component of every cell, bone, organ and tissue of the body and plays a major role in neurological functions, immunity, fertility and overall energy levels of the body.

Why Does the Body Need Zinc

Zinc is also an anti-oxidant and prevents cell damage by oxidation damage.  Zinc is a component of over a hundred enzymes of our bodies that help in various bodily functions. It is also found in the mucous membrane of lungs and throat and has anti-microbial properties.It helps in proper immune function, maintaining skin health, and in promoting sexual health in males and females. Adult males require around 11 mg and females require 8 mg per day.

What Are The Symptoms Of Zinc Deficiency

Some symptoms of zinc deficiency are low energy, chronic fatigue, decreased immunity, inability to focus, slow wound healing…

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