6 Core Strengthening Yoga Postures You Must Try

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The core supports the entire weight of the human body and is involved in the entire range of movements that the body is capable of performing. It comprises of the important muscle groups like the chest, back, abdomen and upper thighs that encapsulate our body’s vital organs. A tough core lessens the chances of injury, increases the body’s capacity to perform strenuous tasks and increases flexibility of the body as a whole.

In Yoga, core-strengthening does not mean bulking up around the middle of the body, rather it implies gaining lean muscle that hug the spine and areas around it. Perform these asanas to gain a strong core:

1 . Adho Mukha Savasana (Downward Facing Dog Pose)

Get down on all fours, let the body rest on your palms and knees. Slowly inhale and stretch the spine pushing it up towards the ceiling using your hip, shoulders and thighs. Keep…

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