5 Effective Ways To Manage Neck Pain Naturally

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Staring at the computer screen for hours or sleeping in an awkward posture can result in an annoying strain in your neck.Neck strain or neck pain  is currently one of the most common problems in the world. With laptops, tablets, smart phones being used for many hours at a stretch, weakening of neck muscles over a period of time is to be expected. The more immediate effect observed is neck pain.If left untreated, it can cause serious and permanent damage to the cervical spine.


Here are some effective ways to manage neck pain naturally:

1 .  Heat And Ice Packs

This is the easiest cure for a neck pain. The cold reduces inflammation and heat helps in blood circulation. Heat should be applied after cold application. Put some crushed ice cubes in a plastic pack, wrap this pack in a towel and put it around…

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