Kimchi – The Great Korean in Vienna


If you ever wanted to experience delicious Korean food in Vienna then the Kimchi is the place to be. Here at Kimchi of course you get the traditional Korean fermented vegetable dish called Kimchi, but you also get Sushi, all kinds of Chicken dishes and the famous Korean Bulgogi as well as soups and salads.

In the summertime you can also have a lovely time in Kimchi’s patio located in this nice and cosy neighborhood in a street which is a quiet side street in the elegant inner parts of Vienna’s 3rd district.

Inside the restaurant it is light and bright with a nice ambience. There are two wings to choose from with many tables. The Kimchi also provides a midday buffet but be aware the Kimchi closes in the afternoon (14:30 – 2 pm) and doesn’t open before 18:00 (6 pm). And Sundays this the Kimchi is closed. So this…

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