3/14 Vienna day 2, State Opera standing ticket

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This website has all the information you need about standing tickets for the Vienna State Opera. The performance for that evening was opera “Aida” at 7pm. The standing ticket sale started at 5:45pm. People started to line up around 5pm.

While standing in line, I was approached by an older gentleman asking me whether I’d like to have sitting ticket for 25euro. Turned out the original price of those tickets were cheaper, if not quite half of the asked price. I wonder whether he purchased all the cheaper tickets to resell? Anyway, those tickets probably didn’t have a good view, if they had a view at all.

There are three different kinds of standing ticket, or “Stehplatz” in German, which means “Standing place”: “Parterre” for 4euro each, and “Galerie” and “Balkon” for 3euro each. The best of all is of course the more expensive one, the “Parterre”. But because of…

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