Salt of the Earth

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I have fallen behind on blogging (mostly because the internet is so darned slow and I can’t load photos quickly)!  So a little explanation with some photos will have to do!

We loved Mahaballipuram!  The previous post had plenty of photos to show you how remarkable that city is.  The morning of departure, we did a yoga session on the beach, a short walk from our hotel.  The yoga session was graced with a stray dog who came up to several of us.  She simply wanted to cuddle and show love.  She felt safe with our group and seemed to know that we are all dog lovers.   We named her Shanti and fell in love with her sweet character.  Dogs in India just seem to coexist with the crowds.  Who owns them?  Surely someone does.  They are gentle and, for the most part, seem to be fed.  They are not…

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