First Impressions of Varanasi : Part 2


Firstly, a heart felt thanks for reading and appreciating First Impressions of Varanasi : Part 1. This post is the sequel to it, highlighting some other aspects of this mystic city.

While the Ghats, Gallis and the Ganga Arti form the essence of Banaras, but there is much more to this ancient city.

The quintessential boat ride is an opportunity to see one of the best sunrises in your life and capture stunning frames of the river and Ghats.

Boatman and the Ganga

Banaras is synonymous to temples. The city is a temple town, with Kashi Vishwanath temple, dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, being the most important of them all. There are various other temples scattered around the city, each with its unique story and architectural charm.

Beyond these temples of worship, are temples of work. These are tiny hand looms, nestled in the narrow by lanes of Varanasi, where Muslim weavers, craft magic…

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