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Durga Puja . Coming Soon !

“If you are fond of Street Photography then Kolkata is your paradise”

Firstly my sincere apologies for not being active during the last few months. I would like to say sorry to all those people who have been asking me to update my blog but I had to keep you all waiting. Being an ardent Street Photography Enthusiast, photo walks to capture hustle-bustle of the streets attract me a lot. Unfortunately I could not go for any significant photo walks last year because of my studies and other engagements. I remember that the last time I had gone out with my camera to photograph the streets was in May, 2015. Since then all I could manage consisted of a few cloudscapes taken from my home and pictures that I had clicked during my October trip to Kashmir(blogposts) and a short trip to Orissa in December.

No Parking

Last Sunday…

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