Is there a Typical Norwegian Humour?

A Frog in the Fjord

leif juster Leif Juster, a very famous Norwegian comedian from the early 20th century (1910-1995)

When I first thought of writing about Norwegian humour, I asked my foreign friends living in Norway what they thought of the topic. They did not even understand the question: “You mean you want to find out whether Norwegians have humour at all? Whether they ever laugh?”. To be fair, it is true that Norwegians don’t have the reputation of being the clowns in the room, which is probably why many foreigners believe that Norwegians laugh only when they have a facial cramp. But it’s not because people here do not laugh out loud and crack your back open with a strong arm when they think something is funny. They might not laugh like HAHAHA but they could be laughing inside, finding something hilarious by showing a faint smile. It is just that like all feelings people have in this country, they…

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