Love/Hate in India: I’m Irish, Get Me Out of Here!!  

Savage In a Sari

3 days and my Indian adventure will be past tense… Feels weird to say that! There were many times when I asked myself ‘Will you really go to India?’ Well… Something in me always knew I would get here, but I would be lying if I said this time last year I hadn’t got doubts as to whether or not I’d really do it. I had been considering it for quite sometime at that stage, and it was around then that I bought the flights, if my memory serves me right.

It took alot of work to get this far, but I’m here 😀 The past few days have been India at her finest… Ahem, in her own lovely-horrible kind of way. I have just about experienced the whole spectrum of emotions… The five stages of grief come to mind. I thought to myself tonight ‘I’ve never experienced so many…

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