A Healthier You this New Year : Add 5 Super Seeds to Your Diet

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pumpkin-fruit-seedBY DR. KHOOBSURAT NAJMA

There is a reason why birds fancy seeds so much! They are packed with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients important for proper functioning of the body. So, rather than throwing these seeds in the dustbin, add them to your daily diet and get a step closer to a ‘healthier you’.

Here are 5 common seeds found in our Indian households with enormous health benefits :

1 . Pumpkin Seeds (Kaddu ka beej)

What are the benefits ?

 Pumpkin seeds are loaded with a wide variety of nutrients ranging from magnesium and manganese to copper, protein and zinc and antioxidants

– They are good for your heart, liver and immune system and help fight diabetes

– Additionally, they are beneficial for men’s prostate health and women’s relief of menopause symptoms

How to have them ?

You can add roasted pumpkin seeds to your…

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