Savage in a Sari: Taj

Savage In a Sari

Hello there, and here we are once again. So I’m in Agra now after a 17 hour overnight train from Varanasi. It was only meant to take twelve but was delayed for 5 hours during the night. Nobody really knew what the delay was for but we were stopped at the same station for quite some time and when we eventually took off again the already full train was filled beyond capacity with lots of families, crying children included, of course.

I didn’t even realise what was happening cos I was half asleep but I woke up to a lot more people on the train than were there before. Thankfully I was on the upper berth so I didn’t have to share my sleeping space with anyone but I felt sorry for the ones on the bottom who weren’t given a choice but to share with the mass of passengers…

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