Vienna Hipster Hacks


It’s hard to say what a hipster is these days, as the word seems to have hijacked everything that is cool, or on the fringe of the mainstream. But then again, the mainstream seems to have swallowed up again this cultural burp called hipsterism. So what the hell is a hipster?

They are the bearded bohemian, or the vintage-loving girl with bangs, who’s day includes brunch, a second-hand store, and his/her 100 € haircut. They’re the 18-35-year-old who collectively fiercely seek a unique style and personality of their own. They’re the beatniks, the punks, the hip hoppers, the grungey, the rockabilly – all in one. They make the old into a vintage and retro cool. They are ironic, as they hate their own kind and deny any membership to the hipster club. They claim to be real-er than the real world, but do so with a sarcastic wink.

Here’s a guide on how to be a hipster in Vienna. And if you discover like us, that you love doing a large part of the things on this list, remember – the biggest symptom you’re a hipster, is denying you’re a hipster.

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Vienna Hipster Hacks