Water Ritual: A Healing Practice

Alchemy of Yoga

Water Ritual: A Healing Practice
By: Sarah Erter


Within the Chakra System, water is associated with Svadhistana — the second chakra, housed within the pelvis. It represents our emotions, desires, raw creative energy, and sense of pleasure. Just as the ocean’s tides are pulled by the Moon, the Moon governs the water element within us. Svadhistana is experienced through the color orange, the sense of taste, and the vibrations of its seed sound, “vam.” When out of balance, second chakra blockages manifest through mental + physical stiffness (particularly within the hips + low back), guilt or shame, health issues impacting the reproductive system, or a restricted sense of being able to fully feel, express, or release emotions, or enjoy life’s pleasures.

In yoga philosophy, water rituals correspond to the practice of Saucha. As expressed by Nischala Joy Devi in Yoga Sutra 2.40, “Through simplicity and continual refinement (Saucha)…

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