Day 11 (purgation “real panchakarma begins”)

Rambling Sary

So days 1-10 were a lead up, a preparation stage for the body before the real panchakarma process begins. The following was my preparatory schedule (I am a Vata-Kapha mix, with all 3 doshas a bit out of balance) Here’s a recap:

Days 1-3: Dhanyamladhara (oil massage + vinegar herb bath) - On these days I began restricting my diet to 2 meals a day, and had to drink a concoction of spicy powder (panchakola churnam) mixed with hot water before every meal to wake up my digestive system.

Day 4: Abhyangam (oil massage) + Steam. (Last day of panchakola churnam)

Days 5: Abhyangam & Podikizhi (powder massage) Begin morning with 10 ml ghee

Day 6: Abhyangam & Podikizhi. 30 ml ghee

Day 7: Abhyangam & Pizhichil (oil bath) 60 ml ghee

Day 8: Abhyangam & Pizhichil 100 ml ghee

Day 9: Abhyangam & Pizhichil 120 ml ghee – last…

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