Yogi Tea Recipe

Rambling Sary

This is a great drink for detoxing, if you have a cold, or if you are wanting to wake up your digestive system before a meal.  Also, if you just want a healthy hot beverage in your day.  I’ve included some notes on the ayurvedic aspect of each spice as well.

2 Teaspoons – fresh ginger (neutralizes toxins, helps digestion, relieves inflammation, cough & cold, sparks digestive fire)

4 whole cardamom seeds (strenthens lungs, heart, sharpens mind, sparks digestive fire)

8 whole cloves (pain reliever, helps with cold, congestion, cough)

1 whole cinnamon stick (detoxifying, helps with cold &cough, sparks digestive fire

Add this to 8 cups of water and boil until half the liquid remains.  Then you can also add Turmeric powder, lemon, and/or milk if you so desire.

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