Santosh Puri


Last night I learnt the story of the ashram: Mataji was born in Germany on the Rhine. When she was 12 she had a dream/vision that she was to go to India to meet her Guru. Mataji become a sanyasin (renunciate) and gave up all of her worldly goods, clothes, family etc to wander the woods here in india in search of her Guru. For ten years she wandered until one day she met Babaji (Baba Santosh Puri). The ashram was founded in 1978 and started as a few crumbling buildings and a snake infested well. Babaji and Mataji had three children-two of whom (Ganga, and Mandakini) are very much involved in leading classes, ceremonies and yoga/chanting/pranayama etc here at the ashram. Ganga (the son) actually travels around the world teaching yoga and regularly spends time teaching pranayama with Rolf and Marci in Goa.
Babaji ascended (passed over/became enlightened and…

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