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I took a train to Varanasi, it took 20 hours! In India when you are booking a train you can choose which class you want to be in, the better the class, the more expensive the ticket. Theres the top one: first class with AC, followed by 2nd and 3rd AC, I have taken a 3AC train before, it was comfy, not so many people, more space and cleaner! They give you sheets and a pillow for your bed, there are almost no beggars (not that I don’t like beggars, you will see what I mean in a second). There is sleeper class, I normally take sleeper class, theres no AC, just a shitty fan on the ceiling, the windows are open so its noisy and not exactly clean, beggars pass by, pull at your clothes, pinch you, shout at you, do everything they can to try and get your money, they go…

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