Savage in a Sari: Taj

Savage In a Sari

Hello there, and here we are once again. So I’m in Agra now after a 17 hour overnight train from Varanasi. It was only meant to take twelve but was delayed for 5 hours during the night. Nobody really knew what the delay was for but we were stopped at the same station for quite some time and when we eventually took off again the already full train was filled beyond capacity with lots of families, crying children included, of course.

I didn’t even realise what was happening cos I was half asleep but I woke up to a lot more people on the train than were there before. Thankfully I was on the upper berth so I didn’t have to share my sleeping space with anyone but I felt sorry for the ones on the bottom who weren’t given a choice but to share with the mass of passengers…

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Ginger: 9 Reasons Why You Should Know Adrak Ka Swaad

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Ginger or adrak,a staple spice of Indian household today, originated in the south-east Asia more than 5000 years ago. Back then, it was considered a medicine for all ailments. It contains a compound known as ‘Gingerol’ that has anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties.

Ginger has been used to combat common cold in addition to being a taste enhancer in food and tea. But little do we know about the gamut of health benefits that it provides.

Here are some amazing health benefits of this wonder spice:

1 . Boosts Immunity

It cleans the body’s sewage system thereby preventing the accumulation of toxins.Cut ginger into small pieces and put into a bowl of water and then boil for 8-10 minutes. Drink this herbal solution for 3-4 times a day, relieving you of the irritating coughs in addition to boosting your immunity. If you do not like the taste of it, stir some…

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Taking Up These 10 Hobbies Will Make You Smarter


There is a general perception that we can’t do much to enhance our intelligence. It’s almost always believed that whether you’re smart or not is determined right at birth and you can’t do anything about it.

However, these are all misconceptions. While some people have conditions that prevent them from being able to increase their intelligence level, for most people, there are plenty of things that can be done to make them smarter.

Hobbies are integral parts of our lives, and once developed, we find ourselves immersed in them on a regular basis. Hobbies are fun and invigorating- and they can also have a great influence on our intelligence.

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Taking up these 10 hobbies will make you smarter

Vienna Hipster Hacks


It’s hard to say what a hipster is these days, as the word seems to have hijacked everything that is cool, or on the fringe of the mainstream. But then again, the mainstream seems to have swallowed up again this cultural burp called hipsterism. So what the hell is a hipster?

They are the bearded bohemian, or the vintage-loving girl with bangs, who’s day includes brunch, a second-hand store, and his/her 100 € haircut. They’re the 18-35-year-old who collectively fiercely seek a unique style and personality of their own. They’re the beatniks, the punks, the hip hoppers, the grungey, the rockabilly – all in one. They make the old into a vintage and retro cool. They are ironic, as they hate their own kind and deny any membership to the hipster club. They claim to be real-er than the real world, but do so with a sarcastic wink.

Here’s a guide on how to be a hipster in Vienna. And if you discover like us, that you love doing a large part of the things on this list, remember – the biggest symptom you’re a hipster, is denying you’re a hipster.

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Vienna Hipster Hacks

Live Like A Local


As much as I have loved the lessons and insights gleamed during my travels, not every day necessitates a spiritual teaching. Sometimes you just have to get shit done. Take today for example.

I don’t consider myself to be a vain person. While my daily personal hygiene skills are on the up and up and I am dedicated to daily cleansing practices guided by Ayurveda, my hair rarely sees a hair dryer and, often days, a brush. Nor have I put on much more than a few strokes of mascara and some lip balm on in the past five weeks. I enjoy a nice manicure, however, I often resist the bi-monthly pleasure as quite frankly, it takes too damn long. The process itself doesn’t put me out much, but the time I’m left incapacitated to ensure the polish remains smooth and glossy borders on unbearable. Nine times out of ten…

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