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Vienna: no cake, but a monastery, a Danube River cruise…and an all-too-friendly accordion player

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Melk Abbey.

I remember riding up a steep, winding road on my Vespa, going at about 20 miles per hour, ‘vrim-vrimming’ towards a perched village in the South of France in the winter sunshine, my friend Caitlin bravely holding onto my waist. When we made it to the top, and paused to overlook the sprawling landscape, I said, ‘This is one of the most romantic things I’ve ever done.’

Saturday in Vienna was like that, and I laughed about it with Megan, but we also acknowledged that (and forgive me for a hugely sexist comment,) maybe it is easier for us to share these sublime moments with our girlfriends, because frequently the men in our lives just don’t experience it the same way (thus far, I can think of exactly one exception).

So, cruising the Danube River in the sunshine, passing vineyards and ruined castles, was one of the most…

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Vienna: cake, a nun, and white wine spritzers

P.S: Poetry & Science


The only thing I knew I wanted to see in Vienna were the wax models at the Josephinum (about which I will write later). Unfortunately, the Josephinum was one of the few places I visited which did not allow photography. So, instead of graphic anatomies, I will post pictures of cake.

I arrived in Vienna at about 4pm on Wednesday afternoon, and was to meet my friend Megan at 7pm. So, I walked to Cafe Sacher for the obligatory Sachertorte. This is a chocolate cake covered with chocolate ganache; between the cake and ganache is a fine layer of apricot jam. The chocolate sponge cake is surprisingly dry, and the cake is served with a  huge dollop of unsweetened cream: on its own, the cake is dry, and on its own, the cream is bland; together, they are sublime. Cream is served with many things in Vienna: atop…

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