10 Pros and Cons of Being an Au Pair

going abroad

Here are just a few pros and cons of being an au pair:

Pro:Anyone from 18-26 ish can be an au pair. (age depends on country)

Con: Most families prefer a girl. (sorry guys)

Pro: Anyone can afford it! You really just need money to buy a one-way ticket.

Con: Au pair salary is very low and having a savings account could really help!

Pro: If you are like me and doesn’t have a savings account WITH savings haha No worries. You are provided with basic survival necessities: Food & Shelter! You will never starve or be homeless.

Con: You don’t have money to go out, travel, or whatever you do on your free time.

Pro: In Europe there are tons of free stuff you can do! Many cities have great parks.

Con: During winter… parks are not an option.

Pro: You can save the money you earn and…

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