Here’s an idea: Play your way to recovery

As anyone who’s ever recovered from an injury knows, physical therapy can be painful, boring and slow. TED Fellow Cosmin Mihaiu is out to change that with MIRA, software that disguises physical therapy exercises as fun-to-play videogames. Here’s how it works.

Unlikely — fun! — physical therapy. “Traditionally, a patient doing physical therapy at home is, at most, looking in the mirror. There’s no other feedback or encouragement,” says Mihaiu. MIRA, built by his team in Romania and the United Kingdom, changes that. It’s a set of simple, fun-to-play videogames that encourage precise movement while offering audio and visual stimulus and a sense of achievement. By reaching their onscreen goals, patients also do their physical therapy exercises. So a patient recovering from a broken arm might fly a bee to gather pollen — while flexing and extending the arm. Someone recovering from a stroke might navigate a submarine through water to…

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10 Pros and Cons of Being an Au Pair

going abroad

Here are just a few pros and cons of being an au pair:

Pro:Anyone from 18-26 ish can be an au pair. (age depends on country)

Con: Most families prefer a girl. (sorry guys)

Pro: Anyone can afford it! You really just need money to buy a one-way ticket.

Con: Au pair salary is very low and having a savings account could really help!

Pro: If you are like me and doesn’t have a savings account WITH savings haha No worries. You are provided with basic survival necessities: Food & Shelter! You will never starve or be homeless.

Con: You don’t have money to go out, travel, or whatever you do on your free time.

Pro: In Europe there are tons of free stuff you can do! Many cities have great parks.

Con: During winter… parks are not an option.

Pro: You can save the money you earn and…

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