Parkschlosschen – the 5,000 year old cure for stress

Jane Alexander

treatment female_40Stressed?  Who isn’t?  A recent survey found that more than 75 per cent of Americans alone feel they’re not coping with their overloaded lives, while it’s estimated that a staggering 90 percent of visits to primary care physicians are linked to the effects of stress.  Chronic stress is now a global epidemic and a silent killer, linked to the six leading causes of death (which are, in case you’re wondering, heart disease; cancer; lung ailments; accidents; cirrhosis of the liver and suicide).  It’s scary stuff.

 The cures for stress are many and varied but none, perhaps, as delicious as a stay at Parkschlosschen, a luxury hotel with a difference in western Germany.  It may look like something out of a Grimm’s fairy tale, with its half-timbered walls, pointy slate roofs and cocooning fir trees, but inside it’s dedicated to the ancient Indian system of medicine – ayurveda.  Unusually for…

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