The Lost Art of Noticing

Because when I look back on my life, hopefully many years into the future, I won’t wish I had spent more time on my phone. I won’t wish I had watched just a few more episodes of the Mindy Project (even though that show is the bomb). I won’t wish I had Instagrammed more pictures of my pets or friends or dinners or cups of coffee (even though Instagram is fun, to be sure).

I will wish for more time with my loved ones. I will wish to see more: a bright blue sky, how the edge of a building slices into the sunshine, the wrinkles in the corners of the eyes of my parents. I will wish to hear more: the sound of my sisters laughing, the cry of babies, the pained secrets of friends, ocean waves, my favorite song on the radio, the trickle of wind throughout a forest, the hum of cars and sirens in a city. I will wish to smell more: flowers and apple pies and my grandpa’s sweater and winter candles. I will wish to taste more: the lips of a lover, beef tacos, a strong margarita, mint gum, dark chocolate and red wine and cheddar cheese. These lists go on and on.

I will wish for so much at the end of my life, and very little of it will involved a screen.

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The Lost Art of Noticing