30 Classes in 30 Days

30 Classes in 30 Days

To raise awareness about the benefits — both professional and personal — of lifelong learning, and to spread the word about Allclasses, a search engine for online and offline educational opportunities, Lovell is embarking on a challenge to take 30 classes in 30 days.

“If May is the month when education is celebrated, June could appropriately be titled ‘the month when learning dies,'” writes Lovell. “Graduating seniors (and pretty much all students) put their collective brains on the shelf to take a break from learning, some never to return.”

To mitigate this lethargy, Lovell and Allclasses are declaring the month of June “Lifelong Learners Month” — and setting the example.

Throughout the endeavor, Lovell is taking classes all over the spectrum — from project management and Instagram marketing to pole fitness and trapeze lessons — in a journey of professional and personal improvement and continued education. The classes range from in-depth, multi-day courses to one-off online classes or webinars, as well as courses through platforms like UdemyLynda.com and General Assembly.