Pure Living Bakery on Burggasse

Pure Living Bakery on Burggasse

From “Suessi Loves Vienna”. Lots of lovely pictures too!

The PURE LIVING BAKERY Downtown on Burggasse feels like home (I had another article on feeling at home in a bar) the moment you walk in through the wood framed glass door. It’s far away from perfectionism with its handwritten chalkboard menus and the cake pins that look like speech balloons reading tempting „Carrots Pineapple Coconut Bread“, the old but beautiful patterned floor tiles or the different chairs and tables. What definitely adds to the cosiness is the barrel vault.

Now, with summer fast approaching you might also wanna know that they sell ice cream there as well (and vegan also). Ice Dream Factory has been rated one of the top ten ice cream sellers in Vienna. Try it with the fresh home made waffle cones…