Always Hungry? Here’s Why

Always Hungry? Here’s Why

The more calories we lock away in fat tissue, the fewer there are circulating in the bloodstream to satisfy the body’s requirements. If we look at it this way, it’s a distribution problem: We have an abundance of calories, but they’re in the wrong place. As a result, the body needs to increase its intake. We get hungrier because we’re getting fatter.


Elaine & her Kettle Korn

This is a photo of me at the Concord (Calif.) Farmers’ Market – My name is Elaine and I am addicted to carbs and sweet things. However in late 2013, I had to mend my evil ways. I tested positive for fructose intolerance and can’t have sugar, honey, fruit, fruit juices, jam, cake, cookies, and even carrots are on the forbidden list. On the plus side, I lost 20 pounds and no longer feel hungry. I avoid processed food and anything with a high glycemic index. One thing that really helped me was cooking up a giant pot of chicken soup with vegetables once a week and having a bowl whenever I felt wonky.