Anger Management

Anger Management

Our six-year-old son is having some problems with rage and often the red mist overcomes him. I’m sure it is within a spectrum of “normal” child behaviour but I am struggling to get advice on how to help him.

In general he is happy and settled and gets on well at school – interestingly, he never has these outbursts at school. What I would really like is some advice to help him control and manage his anger. These outbursts often happen over really very minor things where he’s not got his own way over something such as watching more TV, or having more sweets, or getting ready for bed. The red mist falls and he can’t control his temper, lashing out and shouting/screaming/crying, sometimes for over an hour. I think he wants to control it and I sympathise with him as we’ve all felt this totally unreasonable rage, but don’t know how to support him. Often we try to coax him out of it, without going back on whatever the issue was, or divert him, or give him space, or get him to run it off, but this often doesn’t work. Do you have any tips?

This is a very interesting article and the comments from the readers/parents are full of helpful tips!


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