How Napping Will Make Your Life Easier

How Napping Will Make Your Life Easier

Five Reasons You Should Nap:

1. To recharge your batteries:
Instead of looking for a quick and short-lived boost of energy in caffeine or sugar, go for the stable energy a nap provides.

2. To disconnect from doing, from deadlines and get back to being:
Is your life spinning so fast you sometimes don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing, and who’s doing it? Nap. It will give you perspective.

3. To stop a momentum in an unwanted direction and reboot:
If you started your day frazzled and unfocused; spilled coffee on yourself; got stuck in traffic; arrived late at work, only to have an instant argument with a colleague; you know you’ve got an unhappy momentum going there. How are you going to stop it? Go to sleep!

4. To keep your mental energy clear and focused all day:
Why only have a few good hours? Napping will help you have an equally efficient and fun day from morning to evening. Bonus: You’ll get to dinner time able to hold a conversation, without needing comfort foods and alcohol to unwind.

5. To slow down time!
Segmenting your day with a midday break will actually cause a shift in how you experience time. Don’t you often hear people (maybe yourself too) say things like “Time is flying by!” or “OMG it’s already (5 p.m.! Spring! Thanksgiving! Our anniversary! You name it). Yet we know the earth is still taking about 365 days to orbit around the sun, and about 24 hours to rotate on itself.

What do you think has changed? Our mindsets, of course. Our perception of time. By slowing you down internally, a midday nap will shift your experience of time to a slower, gentler pace. Try it.